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** $50.00 svc fee. Waived with repair. **


Established in 2012.

Metro Service started off just a two man crew father and son. Through out the years with hard work, integrity and faith we overcame all obstacles. Having multiple commercial project and hundreds of residential installs, sales and service. Now with a crew of 5 full time epa licensed techs. We continue to push forward treating our customers with the most deserving respect and family feeling. We are here to help. Also have a shop loaded with material for overnight or weekend calls. Metro Service is a family operated Hvac company. We will continue to treat our customers as family.

Meet the Business Owner

Anibal, O.
Business Owner

Anibal Ovalle started working in the Hvac field over 25 years ago. He worked for multiple Hvac contractors for residential and commercial. Anibal has then started on his own in 2013 along with his Son David. Who has been working in the Hvac field with him sense he was able to hold tools. Together they make the perfect team. They both go to multiple Hvac training to stay up to date with the newest equipment available. They are very knowledgeable with providing proper Cfm air distribution in all areas of both residential and commercial properties. With over so many years of experience they really understand the Hvac field. With countless commercial and residential projects completed. Anibal and David have a crew of 4 techs. With referrals as there main source of advertising. What sets them apart is that they also have a lot of experience and licensed in other trades such as Electrical and plumbing.